Rimmel U (Underground)

When Rimmel, the #1 brand in the UK, wanted to expand their US market
they looked to theConspiracy.

theConspiracy helped Rimmel grow the virtually nonexistent U.S. market to $100M with the “Rimmel U” campaign which brought cutting-edge London trends to the US. Fueled by a social network of fans and influencers who were sharing the latest innovations in make-up, music, and fashion, the Underground campaign helped Rimmel transform their brand and provided consumers with a ‘Rimmel London Persona’. Some campaign highlights included:


·      Rimmel London Wal-Mart double decker bus tour featuring London DJ’s, makeup artists and digital makeover stations. (Became the #1 Retail program at Walmart).


·      Digital Underground: “Rimmel U” website and digital makeover station.


·      Rimmel U brand ambassadors and a social media campaign promoting underground parties and special loyalty programs.