T’zikal. Ancient Secrets. Modern Formulations.

We have been working with T’zikal to launch their new line of natural hair and skin care products, beginning with the rediscovery of an ancient Honduran beauty remedy for hair and skin: ojon oil.

Ojon oil has been used by Central-American rainforest communities for over 500 years and is still extracted the same way as it was back then; taking the fruit of Palm Nut Tree, cracking it open, boiling it in a kettle for 5-7 hours and as the ojon oil seeps out, gathering the oil. The plot thickens as up until recently, they’ve been marketing ojon oil by filling it in Pepsi bottles and selling it on street corners.

To get it beyond the street corners of the rainforest communities, theConspiracy has been busy developing the T’zikal website, with lot’s of interesting branded content aimed at bringing T’zikal secret beauty discoveries to the world. There are lots of Ancient beauty secrets awaiting, including ancient beauty rituals, secret Ingredients and travel destinations to discover by visiting the T’zikal blog and  Discover Card area on the T’zikal website, as well as the various social media pages, which we developed.

We’ve also been plotting with our VIP influencers, including Bella Magazine  BeautyNewsNYC.com, mama love, as well as Lucky Magazine, Real Simple, and many other blogs and magazines to get the T’zikal message out.